Tuesday, 4 July 2017

02 Ceenom: The Humanics

PREAMBLE: Solar System, the intended abode for humankind, is a Divine Scripture determined at the beginning of creation and the Preamble to the Universe. Being alive as humans, the unique species able to think about the unseen and define its causal relations, we must hasten to learn about ourselves, species around us, nature and its phenomena, the wide collection of scientific knowledge discovered by untiring scientists over centuries, and the divine wisdom brought to us by prophets and visionaries. We must learn about the origination of the solar system that includes our home the Earth, and begin to comprehend this Preamble of the infinite universe. We are on the cusp of a profound disclosure satisfying the extreme intellect and befitting the loftiness of human, the sublimest creation in the universe–about to disclose myriad universal truths of essential, unresolved mysteries. A team of exceptionally competent intellects is needed to enter the realms of this Revealing Wisdom.
EXISTENCE: All systems in nature are related to existence and protection. Any destructive tendencies felt anywhere are only temporary phenomena towards existence, not disaster. In this heavenly abode of virtue and existence, only human mind establishes vice and disaster. All the prophets that have come and gone, the scriptures they left behind, truths free of conjectures, reformers who strove to prevent humankind from slipping into ruin and guided to light; scientific teams that reach to nanolevels and fetch knowledge about formation and composition of matter; brave groups that study species under ocean, on land and in the sky, and bring much knowledge before us regarding their nature and traits; space researchers that study and collect intricate scientific knowledge about organisation and functioning of the solar system and universe; and every centre that carries out studies and research about the origin of the universe, have a role in this forthcoming phase of ceenom.
NINE STAGES: Mathematics that controls, operates and nurtures matter, energy and nature of the entire universe including our body is formed from 9 stages: the 3 facts of space, time, consciousness that cannot be removed from thinking; the 3 related human feelings; and the representing 3 basic hues that fill matter, and the Book of light that exposes and explains the entire universe before us. Beyond ‘9’, mathematics concludes the stage of our return to our abode, the unseen. As mathematics is essential for us, we use the concluded ‘10’ as a unit infinitely. Densely included in these 9 stages of mathematics are all scriptures and principles. As the body and life elements that constitute the medium for a forthcoming soul is prepared, centring the sperm and egg that meet for this, the Divine Rules turns into a great guiding system that defines with mathematical precision the birth at its source, the duties of the owners–the parents, what the deeds of a human in this birth are, which is the simple and fast way to this, how one's destination should be set in the straight path, and how high and exalted a state that human is organised in. Let us name this system that includes space, time, consciousness, the related feelings and the representing hues from the physical knowledge phase as huematics. But as this system is solely for the human mind, its true name is realised as humanics. It is you and me. Put differently, nature itself is me and you; any disaster we afflict it amounts to self-affliction. We need to form a team of at least 1000 competent experts from all known branches of science at once. Know that while we view from physical sciences, the way of nature appears as huematism; the way to human destination is in fact humanism; both are one; this is recorded in every particle and in the entire universe. From the moment the law of mathematics prescribed for human mind began functioning on the first particle to this phase of ceenom, the true descriptions of these Divine Rules remained hidden.