Monday, 3 July 2017

Ceenom: The Primal Norms


Wisdom of supreme significance relating science and humanity gets revealed. Confirming all phases of knowledge from first human until now, it exposes the causal basis behind everything. Its realm includes the bases of hue and mathematics, particles and cells, species and planets, stars and galaxies, water and air, in short everything. From the physical and functional characteristics we can decode the primal reasons of why each object and species formed and functions thus. This’ll guide us to the causality of formation and functioning of the entire universe. To enter the extensive areas of “Ceenom”, an exceptionally proficient team of responsible intellects is needed to grasp matters and convey to humankind. Universities such as Oxford, Harvard, MIT and Cambridge, research centres like NASA, ESA, CERN and LIGO, reputed scientists and Nobel laureates, all heads of nations, leaders of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, science academies and judiciary, UN bodies, scientific journals and media including BBC, Natl Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet need to act together in this most important moment. The “Message”, just a preface, has been informed to more than 3000 most reputed places over the world. Since the whole universe and its phenomena are set up for us humans, the sublime creation, “Before the First Pulse Before the First Particle” of the countless galaxies, we’re obliged to find the fundamental causal laws: “Causality of Causality” determined in that undisclosed state. Just as life and body are essential for a soul’s presence, this evidence-based Wisdom is essential for human journey to destination. With clear logical thinking, we must enter the most extensive area at once. Abdul Khader
The “Solar System”, the intended abode for humankind, is a “Divine Scripture” determined at the beginning of creation and the “Preamble to the Universe”. Being humans, the unique species able to think about the unseen and recognise its causal relations, we must hasten to learn about ourselves, species around us, nature and its phenomena, the wide collection of scientific knowledge discovered by thousands of scientists over centuries, and the divine wisdom brought by prophets and visionaries. We must learn about the origination of the solar system, a Divine Scripture in “itself” that guides human to the birth-intended destination, and begin to comprehend this Preamble of the infinite universe. We’re on the cusp of a profound disclosure of universal truths on a great variety of essential, unresolved mysteries satisfying the extreme intellect and befitting the loftiness of human, the sublimest creation in the universe. Although this Wisdom is the right of the entire humankind, a team of exceptionally competent intellects with clear logical thinking and in-depth understanding of scientific and philosophical matters, dedicated, curious and capable of handling mathematics, psychology, biology, physics, astronomy and origin of the universe is needed to study the necessary language to enter the realms of the Revealing Wisdom. Intended for this, the website “ceenom” includes a brief introduction “Ceenom The Message” mCeenom, eCeenom; an essence of informations “Ceenom The Informed” nCeenom, iCeenom; and as a preliminary set of indicators of available proofs Primal Evidences: images, and Present Perceptions: videos. We can begin to realise the unity, jubilation and solace that awaits humanity by reading mCeenom with great attention and care.